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Our portfolio

We seek to develop a diverse portfolio of contracts and corporate customers. We focus our investment activity in geographic areas with attractive characteristics. These include:

  • Stable base bus demand
  • Opportunities to participate in competitive tenders or license applications
  • Scope to develop commercial bus services
  • Attractive demographics (population levels & composition, traffic policies)
  • Scope for market consolidation

Each operating company is responsible for a particular geographic area. Every company has its own Managing Director and management team, supported by a common Shared Service Centre that provides management information, cash management, pay roll and accounts services.

Each Company has its own local brands, many of which have existed for many decades and are well known in their local markets.

We operate a simple structure with short-chains of command and clear accountability. Company Managing Directors are responsible for their own operations and business development, running each unit as an accountable, stand-alone company, with their own P+L, cash management and balance sheet.

Axel Tücks GmbH

Axel Tücks GmbH was founded in 1935, and has grown steadily since the mid 1990s, opening new operating locations as it has gained contracts.
The Company provides local bus services on behalf of Passenger Transport Authorities (PTAs) in the Eifel area, Neuss and Bonn.

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BRH ViaBus was formed as Arthur Merl GmbH in 1934.
MET purchased the business from First Group plc in October 2011.

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