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About us

Company overview

Metropolitan European Transport ("MET") was created to deliver value for shareholders by executing a Buy+Build strategy in the highly fragmented European local passenger transport market.

The business was founded in February 2011 by a management team led by transport specialists David Leeder, Guy Houston, Wolfgang Meyer and Iain Lanaghan. The MET business is wholly owned by the founders.

Our immediate focus is on the German local bus market.

Since Summer 2011 we have completed a number of deals in the German bus market and we continue to originate interesting investment opportunities that meet our financial criteria.

Our strategy

We seek to buy businesses in sectors and markets that we understand well, and to increase shareholder value through generating organic growth and or by improving operational efficiency.

Each individual investment we make must have a clear rationale.


We are not a passive investor, and we work closely with our local management teams to share best practice, generate synergies and accelerate growth. We seek to deploy the skills and experiences we have gained in the mature UK, EU and North American markets to the evolving and liberalising situation in mainland Europe.

We aim to return cash to shareholders over a three to five year horizon, but we are not constrained by an artificial, fixed investment end-date.