Tücks Reisen

Tücks Reisen was founded in 1935, and has grown steadily since the mid 1990s, opening new operating locations as it has gained contracts.

The Company provides local bus services on behalf of Passenger Transport Authorities (PTAs) in the Eifel area, as well as schools and worker contracts in the Rhein/Ruhr conurbation.

MET purchased 100% of the business in July 2011. Since then the business has grown strongly by winning new tenders and by the acquisition of adjacent, sub-scale operations.

Managing Director Johannes Müller
Investment date July 2011
Geographical areas Bonn
Type of business Contracted local bus services
Contracted school bus services
Annual revenue on acquisition €5.4m (2011)
Annual revenue 2015 €8.0m
Bus fleet at acquisition 105 buses
Bus fleet as at 31st December 2014 172 buses
Contact details johannes-mueller@busreisen-tuecks.de
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