BRH viabus

BRH ViaBus was formed as Arthur Merl GmbH in 1934.

MET purchased the business from First Group plc in October 2011.

Since acquisition we have won a number of significant tenders.

The business operates in a region committed to competitive tendering of local bus services, and is well placed for growth. BRH operates a mix of intensive, all-day public bus services in the Frankfurt suburban region, together with school and worker contracts for a variety of Passenger Transport Authorities and commercial entities.

During 2012 the business grew by winning new tenders and by the acquisition of adjacent, sub-scale operations.

In 2013 BRH commenced additional contracts in the Frankfurt suburbs.

In 2014 BRH won a new contract to operate 25 purpose-built Scania buses on a 9-year contract on behalf of BASF Ludwigshafen from Spring 2015.

Managing Director Heiko Schütte
Investment date October 2011
Geographical areas Baden-Württemberg
Frankfurt suburbs
Frankfurt Airport
Type of business Commercial local bus services
Contracted local bus services
Contracted school bus services
Annual revenue on acquisition €12m (2011)
Annual revenue 2016 €23.9m
Bus fleet at acquisition 129 buses
Bus fleet as at 31st December 2016 167 buses
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