Metropolitan European Transport (MET)

Metropolitan European Transport (MET)

MET is an entrepreneurial bus operating group committed to providing high quality bus services. Our focus is on Germany – one of Europe’s largest and most fragmented local bus markets.

Our portfolio

MET operates almost 400 buses on a range of local bus contracts in:

  • Frankfurt & Mannheim regions
  • Cologne city region

Partnership with local authorities

Working with local authorities to provide better bus services. Contact us to discuss how we can help your authority or business.

Looking for new business opportunities?

If you have a business to sell, or an idea for joint working, please contact us.

About us

MET is one or Germany’s leading contracted local bus businesses, set up by experts with German and international experience.

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Company overview

We operate local and regional bus services for PTAs, local authorities, government entities and corporate bodies, providing local bus services, special needs transport and school transport across a wide area of Germany.

Our strategy

MET is focused on working with PTAs to provide high-quality, local bus services.

Meet our team

MET’s team are all transport specialists, with many years experience of bus operations, service planning, marketing and cost optimisation.

Our Portfolio

We seek to develop a diverse portfolio of contracts and corporate customers. We focus our investment activity in geographic areas with attractive characteristics.

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BRH viabus

Local bus and coach services in the Mannheim and Frankfurt city regions.

Axel tuecks

Local bus services in the Eifel and Cologne city regions.

Investment opportunities

MET is always interested in interesting investment opportunities in our areas of expertise.

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If you are a PTA looking for a potential operational partner, or a business considering a sale, we would like to talk to you. Please contact our business development team.

Contact us

Our address book

German Head Office

  • MET Deutschland GmbH
    Formerstrasse. 47
    40878 Ratingen
    David Leeder
    Guy Houston
  • Cologne & Eifel Head Office
    Axel Tücks GmbH
    Teichstraße 4-6
    54595 Prüm
    Johannes Müller
  • Frankfurt & Mannheim Head Office
    BRH viabus GmbH
    Heinkelstr. 25
    67346 Speyer
    Heiko Schütte



Formerstraße 47,
40878 Ratingen,